Photographs contributed by Muslims everywhere!

Islam is a faith rich in history, philosophy and ethics. As Muslims around the world learn about their faith, they encounter it and experience it in unique ways. Factors like language, culture and family all play an integral part in how each individual understands what it means to be Muslim.

In our project, we are asking Muslims to take a photo with our poster and answer the question:

what does being Muslim mean to you?

This website showcases some of the Muslim experiences and encourages contributions from Muslims around the world.

Fighting for justice being open minded, accepting and showing by leadership example not only as a Muslim but also as a friend, a business person, colleague, brother and son. These are what it means to be Muslim.
- Ada

Being a Muslim to me means having a constant sense of gratitude. It’s about standing up for issues that I care about personally as well as for the rights of my fellow human beings. To me it means striving for a world which is fair and just and equitable. Ambreen

To me, being Muslim means treating others the way I want to be treated. It's being kind to everyone I meet including animals and the environment. It means having a positive attitude no matter what life bring you. - Azwan

Allah created us all as different tribes and different ethnic groups and created us to know each other, deal with each other without judgement and love each other. Being Muslim is about learning to accept all people without judgment- Budoor

Being a Muslim for me means that keeping the balance between your relationship to your God and to other humankind, as well as to your environment - Evelynd

As a father being a Muslim to me means being a good example for my children. It means trying to work on improving myself daily to be a good husband, and a good son to my family. It’s about trying to live in harmony with humanity and respecting all cultures and religions. Jeromy Rashid

Life is precious and short. Being a Muslim helps me appreciate the simple things in life which people can take for granted such as health, family/friends and food. Unfortunately in this world there are many who struggle to survive every day. We should always aim to help those less fortunate than us and not judge someone’s character based on appearance and wealth. Imran

To me, being a Sufi Muslim means to light hope in darkness. To love like a child, bloom like a flower and dance in utter freedom from man-made traditions.- Rida

To me being a #Muslimis being nice to other people. You know, just simple gestures like smiling to other people, helping out whenever you can. For example, I left my room this morning, and this guy was coming up the stairs and realised I was walking with a stick. He actually went down the stairs and asked: "Do you need me to hold the doors?" Small acts of kindness is what compassion is." 

 Being a  #muslim  to me is about maintaining gratitude and staying mindful. I find traces of divine energy in every corner of the earth and Islam established that principle for me before I ever truly understood it. The depth of the night sky, the tang of a grapefruit, the curves in a strangers face; it's all encompassing and inspires constant thoughtfulness for something much greater. - Yasmina

Being a #muslim to me is about maintaining gratitude and staying mindful. I find traces of divine energy in every corner of the earth and Islam established that principle for me before I ever truly understood it. The depth of the night sky, the tang of a grapefruit, the curves in a strangers face; it's all encompassing and inspires constant thoughtfulness for something much greater. - Yasmina

Being #Muslim means standing up against injustice, and working towards a fairer world. It means being compassionate and caring towards those around us: living lovingly and peacefully. It is a hard time to be Muslim: I worry about the world and the hatred being stirred up by world leaders. I worry for the future of my baby girl, and I think now is the time to actively promote peace and inclusivity. 

"Islam is to have trust and confidence in the Lord of Worlds" - Omar, Canberra

For me, being Muslim means believing in a oneness. It’s all about being modest, faithful, kind and nice to everyone. - Shakira

Being Muslim is about being patient & knowing it is all part of God's will. It is about acting in sincerity, kindness, virtue and love regardless of trials we go through.

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Being a Muslim means encouraging each other to do good and prevent evil so that this world will be a better place.
- Aisha

For me, being Muslim wasn't a choice. I was born Muslim. Even if it was a choice, I wouldn't choose another. Being Muslim means being connected to my family - Arif

Being a Muslim is about finding your inner peace and acknowledgement of one another. -Bayu

Being Muslim to me means love. It’s loving God and having respect for one another and for the environment. It’s living in peace and harmony in a just world. - Dania

For me, being Muslim helps me find some semblance of order and meaning in the midst of disarray and uncertainty. It equips me with the idea that this sense of meaning and purpose is something that both I and something transcending me can co-create. - Helena

Being a Muslim mean three things to me, it is to have a good heart and intention, speak the good words and do the good deeds. There is always something we can do, no matter how big or small, to make someone's life better everyday. - Alan

Being a Muslim means being good and doing good for people. It means respecting other people, their religion and culture. For me, it's about maintaining the peace in society. Helen

Being Muslim means being part of a diverse and inspiring community, working together for greater respect, understanding and equality in society. It means recognising the beauty and fragility of all Allah’s creations. It reminds me to be grateful each day and brings me comfort in difficult times - Nadia

Being #muslim for me means creating my individuality without being judged on my religion or attitude. I believe we all have our own ideology about life and with knowledge and experience we grow and learn - Vesna

Being a Muslims to me is about mindset, about lifestyle, it's about being nice to your neighbours and loving your parents. It's seeing everyone as the beautiful individual they are. Rez

Being #Muslim means feeding people as soon as they walk through the front door and making sure they leave with a full stomach.

Being a #Muslim means respecting all religions. My faith is simply not shattered by the mere existence of other religions symbols

Being #Muslim means living with truth. Recognising that there are many truths and there is the ultimate everlasting one who gives the right to reject and accept how things in the world are. Being Muslim means to learn, understand, and cultivate a life that can bear fruits of truth, that I may help illuminate the way of God for myself and for others. Sera

Being Muslim is a state of consciousness through which a perspective is had, grounded in principles of justice and humanity offering up a lens through which the world is perceived. Spirituality is not a consumer commodity where ego and status resides. Rather it's a place where we can transcend the ego and engage a higher spiritual dimension. 
Truth and justice are the foundation onto which Islam’s meaning is had. 
Justice and truth are symbiotic, for one cannot be without the other; justice (koulu alhak walow ala infousikum) is a pillar upon which Islam is founded.
From this perspective, all societal injustices are our concern, speaking out against prejudice must not only recognise the intersecting ways in which some groups are marginalised in society, it must also be underscored by recognising and addressing the subjugation and oppression of all women. Hana

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Being Muslim for me means respecting all people, cultures and religions. Not judging anyone and helping those who seek help. - Adeel

Being Muslim means being closer to humanity. Treating all with dignity, care, compassion, equally and without discrimination. - Asif

For me, being Muslim means that Social justice is a top priority. It also represents unconditional love and connection with god, and I believe god will always guide me through my life. Bianca (Bam Bam)

As a mother, being Muslim to me means still having fun and appreciating all that the world has to offer. I have Seven children but I still travel around the world taking my children one at a time. My faith teaches me to go out and appreciate all the wonderful people I meet along the way -Dewi

Being Muslim to me means having faith and believing that we are all here by the grace of one creator. It’s living life to the fullest according to the tenents of compassion and inclusivity. Zahirah

To me, being a #Muslimmeans I'm protected and guided. My life is structured in a well planned and well thought out way that gives me a sense of peace for anything that comes my way. Whatever happens, there is an underlying reason behind it for my growth both spiritually and mentally. It means all my intentions are due to Him and Him only, which motivates me to be the best person I can be. - Qaisara

Being Muslim is about appreciating the interconnectedness of the world, humans, animals and environment - Reem

Being Muslim means letting go of fear & finding safety and security in the knowledge that Allah is the best of planners. - Sonia

or me, being a  is about being a good person. It's about showing kindness to people and animals and to give to those who are less fortunate. - Rasha

As an Indonesian, being #Muslim to me means accepting anyone from any background. It's about fighting for equal access to everything for all humans- Sara

I'm a Melbournian, originally from Egypt. To me, being #Muslim means striving to be good and nice to everyone. It gives me a sense of belonging. It is a part of who I am and a part of my identity - Matt .

To me, being Muslim is about being whole - within myself and with others.. Practicing Islam is about staying true to the voices of reason and spiritual knowledge. By acknowledging these inner qualities as Divine gifts, and by following their guidance with gratitude, Islam brings me into a state of wellbeing and wholeness. A deep feeling of belonging, of feeling loved and connected with the One. -Sima

Being Muslim means recognising my own tiny role in this vast universe.
To marvel at nature, with its infinite diversity in infinite combinations.
To practice kindness, generosity and true non-judgement.
To face my own biases, and seek to do better. - Tanya

We are always told what being a Muslim means to us from the world around us, we are told who we are and defined by others. But to me being a Muslim is about my cultural background, part of how I was raised up, it means watching my mother pray on her prayer mat, listening to the sound of azhan and preparing food. It means late nights in Ramadan and beautiful lanterns. It means very loving parents and a loving home. And it also means, in today’s world, something I’m scared about talking out about loud, worrying about my children because they are Muslim boys. It has become very political. I think being a Muslim has become a fight against racism and for equality and connectivity of social issues that we didn’t think of being involved in before and that we are involved in now. It means refugees washing ashore, it means wars, it means racism. It means that we have to work really hard to be proud of who we are and being Muslim is part of who I am. Samah

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