What's our campaign about?

Ways to be Muslim is a grass-roots initiative that celebrates diversity within the Muslim community. We are Muslim Australians, reflecting a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. United in our faith, we celebrate our diversity.

We believe that each of our souls has a unique note to play in the melody of life, and we each have a particular contribution to make. 

With the growing public debate on the status of Muslims in the west, our campaign playfully challenges that conversation through photography and videography and explores just how many ways there are


why is it important?

Today, perhaps more than ever, the Muslim identity is under great scrutiny and pressure to transform.  This pressure comes from both within and outside our community.  We face internal pressure from extremist ideologies that threaten our understanding of Islam as a humanistic and peace-loving religion. We also struggle to relay the humanistic message of Islam to those outside our community.  By expressing and sharing what makes us Muslim, we aim to broaden the perception of Islam.


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