Reem Sweid

project manager

Being Muslim is about appreciating the interconnectedness of the world, humans, animals and environment.

I've always been immensely proud to be Muslim and this project was an opportunity to volunteer my time to something that allowed me to express that pride. I love how people's face's light up when they think about what Islam means to them, and how they need time to reflect on the true meaning of a Muslim. Beyond our five pillars, what truely makes us Muslim in the heart?


Karima Farouq

project assistant


Zahirah Johari

graphic designer

Being Muslim to me means having faith and believing that we are all here by the grace of one creator. It’s living life to the fullest according to the tenents of compassion and inclusivity. 

Suraya Halim


Being Muslim to me means being open-minded to new ideas and being fair to every person regardless of gender, religion and status. It means pushing the boundaries to discover God's gift to mankind as well as reading between the lines on His meaning. 

I got involved in this campaign to meet like-minded people who are passionate about representing a progressive image of Islam and Muslims. I hope that young Muslims can relate this campaign and not be afraid or apologetic of their identity and religion. In turn, I hope they gain strength and courage to achieve whatever they put their minds to. I hope that as we spread the voice and image of progressive Muslims, more people from various backgrounds will support, champion and protect this cause.  


Adam Talic


Fighting for justice, being open minded, accepting and showing by leadership example not only as a Muslim but also as a friend, a business person, colleague, brother and son. These are what it means to be Muslim.

Evelynd Evelynd


Being  a Muslim for me means that keeping the balance between your relationship to your God and to other humankind, as well as to your environment.

I am Evelynd from Indonesia.  Currently studying Master of Communication and Media Studies at Monash University. I am passionate in media, culture, and youth activism. I enjoy taking photographs and doing event coverage.


Yasmina Zuhbi


Being a muslim to me is about maintaining gratitude and staying mindful. I find traces of divine energy in every corner of the earth and Islam established that principle for me before I ever truly understood it. The depth of the night sky, the tang of a grapefruit, the curves in a strangers face; it's all encompassing and inspires constant thoughtfulness for something much greater.


Ifrah Nasser